A small town girl from Idaho decided to go to Seattle for culinary school. Sounds like the start to a bad joke doesn’t it? Well welcome to my world! I have chosen to pursue my passion of baking.  Along the way I am learning interesting tidbits that I want to share. So please enjoy!

I knew I wanted to pursue culinary arts when I was 15. I made cupcakes for my best friend for her birthday. The smile on her face told me I had found what I was meant to do. I managed to build a reputation through friends and family about my cupcakes. Now I am expanding my recipe book.

This is a part of who I am. I love writing and decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts, but I wanted to combined the two. Cue the blog idea. So I will be sharing what I learn by going to culinary school as well as recipes I use and love. So please enjoy my stories and feel free to ask questions.

Always yours,