Back at it!

Thank you for being patient with me! This week should be filled with goodies for all. Tomorrow I will share a wonderful roast recipe with the best red potatoes. Wednesday is open for now unless I find something to fill it with. There will be a holiday post thursday what joy! I will try to get two kitchen tales done for friday.

Now for a quick little side story.

I love snow! It makes  me happy remembering being a little girl all bundled up and getting to go out and play. I didn’t think I would get any snow up here in Seattle, but today we did! I am not one for mondays, but this one will be good already. I had the biggest grin on my face as I walked through the city today watching the snow fall. All i can think is that I need hot chocolate and christmas lights. I am so excited because I get to go back to my hometown in 10 days. I will be cooking a lot and preparing tons of goodies for everyone back home. I will take pictures and share of course.

This weeks ingredient is ginger. Thank you for your suggestions. Please feel free to email me any time at with questions or suggestions!!!

Always yours,


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