A Weak Week

I am sorry to post this late!

Thanksgiving was pretty crazy. I traveled to Las Vegas for the holiday. Though I was away, I had some fun culinary stuff to share. The first night I arrived we ate at a restaurant called top of the world. It is at the top of the stratosphere, which is similar to the seattle space needle, but much taller. Little known fact about me I AM TERRIFIED OF HEIGHTS. I associate it with my mother sobbing at the top of the empire state building. That’s not a fun thing for a 13 year old. Back to the top of the world, the restaurant is very interesting as the floor slowly rotates as you eat. So you get a full view of Vegas as you eat. I had duck confit which was amazing.  For thanksgiving dinner we attempted to get into a buffet. We went to eat at 6 and the wait time was for 5 hours. We were all very hungry and beginning to get slightly hangry. So we are all wandering around trying to find somewhere that served thanksgiving dinner. And finally we did. They sat us in a 21 and up section. Little old me got away with being 21!

So this week’s recipe may be postponed, I have to focus on getting class work done. I do apologize. This weeks secret ingredient will be ginger. The holiday post will be the odd little tidbits I have left. Please enjoy and bear with me this week!

Always yours,


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